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October 2006

Silverado Resort and Spa

For a Start: Championship Golf and World-class Dining

(NAPA, CA) — Long time Napa residents have an opinion about Silverado. Some have been here long enough to remember it as a private residence where presidents and dignitaries were entertained. Some, as it enjoyed its early incarnation as a private club. Others, those younger or just newer to the Valley, as it developed its reputation as a Spa and once again, a dining destination.

No matter when the residents of the Valley first made their own personal acquaintance with Silverado there is a common thread in their attitude. Silverado has retained the dignity of its early days, yet has continued to bespeak ease of living with enjoyment of the bounty of the Valley.

Enjoyment that can clearly be had on one of its two championship 18-hole golf courses, with or without children in one of its 10 swimming pools, during a spa treatment or working out in the fitness room in one of the most commodious spas in the County, or enjoying a meal whose freshness, sustainability, healthfulness, and taste are over seen by the talented Executive Chef Peter Pahk.

Of course those of us who enjoy down time in our room like Silverado’s signature large glass windows overlooking the 360 acres of the golf course. For those rather few without views of the lush green scape, the rooms provide all the comforts of home, without the drudgery. No clutter, no cleaning, large baths and fully appointed suites and cottages for having that great bottle of wine with a little dinner you whipped up – or ordered in.

Locals (and guests of other establishments) can find many ways to include themselves in the Silverado way of life – even if they don’t live on the grounds. The old great room of the original mansion has a fabulous long, rich looking bar and there is usually a fire burning or live jazz music gently playing to help set the mood if you didn’t come equipped with your own attitude already adjusted.

The Royal Oak Restaurant has recently been revamped and is definitely worth a try, especially if you haven’t been in awhile. Some of its fun practices and craft have been retained, while its food preparation, ideas, and menus have been supercharged by Phak.

Is your interest piqued?  If you are ready to make your spa, golf, or overnight reservation make sure you check first for special offers. If it is just dinner you are after, reservations are recommended for Royal Oak, but you might be able to squeeze in at The Grill without. If you are really hungry, however, suggests you call first.

Silverado Resort
1600 Atlas Peak Rd.
Napa, CA 94558
(800) 532.0500

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